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Luis Quintero Co

115K+ Spotify Streams Music Producer / 10M+ Installs VGM Composer

From living in a Venezuelan neighborhood surrounded by negativity, to creating soundtracks for games with over 10M+ Installs, creating a YouTube channel that raised over 1.2 Million+ Views and achieving over 115K+ Spotify Streams.


Being supported by Top YouTubers like BeckBroJack, BlackPanthaa, AngryJoeShow and more by creating one of the newest Virtual Bands of 2010's, Bitonal Landscape.


Making music for games with over 10 Million+ Downloads and impacting positively millions of people around the globe through music.


Worked for Forbes features entrepreneurs and TEDx Speakers.


I am Luis, a 18 year old human being spending my time impacting and influencing positively people by making music.