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HUMANS 2.0 | Mark Metry

Creating Podcast

Audio Branding / Music

Humans 2.0 Audio BrandingLuis Quintero
00:00 / 01:04
The Challenge | Dive Deeper

When composing the Audio Branding of Humans 2.0 Podcast, several factors had to be taken into account, namely their vast consumer base which includes the people that love to improve their life throu technology and people that loves to constantly growth, the dynamic of the Podcast and their approach to their audience. His Unique Audio Branding needed to storytell the power of constant growth, constant upgrade and improvement of the person. Luis needed to create a cohesive Audio Branding, building a visceral sense of Improvement, Growth and Technology.

The Approach | Our Vision

Luis developed an Audio Branding that brought forward an authentically epic and modern touch to the Podcast – incorporating unique and surprising elements such as synthesizers and rap rhythms. As the Podcast continues to flex into new areas, the Humans 2.0 Audio Branding flexes with the Pdocast, bringing continuity and attribution to each episode.

The Results | Impact and Value

After only a few years of being in the market, the Humans 2.0 Audio Branding became a great anthem of improvement, featuring various best-selling authors and entrepreneurs. The Podcast also reached over 11 Million Streams in 2019. The Audio Branding continues to evolve with the Podcast as it transforms and includes new episodes for its listeners.